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                  • Yuehui Lin
                    Chairman of the Board & Chief executive officer of CWI
                    Doctor’s degree of China University of Political Science and Law

                    Member of the Ninth Political Consultative Conference of Danzhou, Hainan Partner Lawyer of Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm

                  • Xiaoting Deng
                    Executive Director of CWI
                    Chairwoman of the Honghu (Huizhou) Investment Co, Ltd Vice-Chairman of Huizhou Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) Member of Huizhou Political Consultative Committee Former National Civil Servant of Huizhou Public Security Bureau
                  • Liu Feng
                    Executive Director of CWI
                    Former Chairman and President of Foshan Commercial Bank Over 30 years’experience in finance and property development
                  • Georgiana Chu
                    Executive director, company secretary and chief financial officer of CWI
                    Bachelor of Accounting and Master of Corporate Governance
                  • Weiguang Zhong
                    Executive director and chief operating officer of CWI
                    Vice-President of the Sixth Executive Committee of Huicheng District Federation of Industry and Commerce Members of the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Political Consultative Conference of Huizhou Over 10 years' management experience in large group enterprises