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                  Integration of Industry & City
                  • Honghu (Huizhou) Investment Co., Ltd.
                    Honghu (Huizhou) Investment Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China water industry group in mainland China. The company, a special investment company and service operator of new energy, environmental protection water and smart city, is mainly engaged in green and environmental protection and new energy.

                    Honghu (huizhou) investment co., LTD was constituted by four subsidiaries: Honghu (Huizhou) Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Honghu (huizhou) real estate co., LTD., Honghu (huizhou) everlast real estate co., LTD. And Honghu (Huizhou) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. each unit has been in charge of operating wisdom city, construction, environmental protection, water and other professional fields of science and technology, formed a relatively complete industrial system.
                  • Huizhou Honghu Blue Valley Wisdom Plaza
                    Huizhou Honghu Blue Valley Wisdom Plaza Phase I covers an area of 35,725 square meters, with a total construction area of 54,738 square meters. It is located in the central park of huicheng hi-tech development zone. Based on the concept of integrated development of industry and city, the project relies on unique geographical location and transportation advantages to create "world bay center, enterprise park" with the development of huizhou southern new town. The project is expected to be delivered in June 2019, using a new prefabricated building technology that is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and low-carbon. The project is a comprehensive space integrating creative office, headquarters base, senior talent apartment and commercial supporting facilities. After the completion of project, it will undertake industrial transfer in Hong Kong, shenzhen and Dongguan, especially, wisdom transfers portals and habitats.
                  • Nanjing Spatial Big Data Industry Base
                    Nanjing Spatial Big Data Industry Base, covering an area of 39.5 mu. With a total construction area of 70,000 square meters, the project relies on the location and policy advantages of 年Nanjing Qilin science and technology innovation park, which is the first headquarters base for solid waste recycling and the exhibition center of carbon emission trading market. With the concept of "creating life with wisdom", the project will do a excellent job in the experimental field and demonstration area of integrated development of industry and city, moreover, explore the new path of nanjing's new-type urbanization, so as to promote the harmonious development of Nanjing's economy, culture and society.